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If you have received a decision from The Migration Agency that you are not satisfied with, you have the right to appeal against the decision within three weeks from the date you were served (the day you read the decision).

Exclusive Distribution Agreement of Pepe Jeans

Our Law Firm congratulates our client Tipax and welcome the Pepe Jeans to Iran.

H I Juristbyrå (H I Law Firm) has been offering reliable and high quality legal service for a wide range of companies worldwide.

Move to Sweden

 Are you planning to move to Sweden? Are you planning to invest in Sweden as a self-amployed?

Our law firm can give you the sharpest business and migration solutions and we will present your migration case to the Swedish Migration Board so that you and your family can move to Sweden legally with residence permit. 

To become a Swedish citizen

Citizenship in Sweden

After living in Sweden for a few years you can eventually become a Swedish citizen. This means a legal contract with the Swedish state. With a Swedish citizenship both rights and obligations in the Swedish society ensues.

Study in Sweden

Study in Sweden

To study in Sweden you need a residence permit for studying. This regards people who are not citizens in any EU-country and who intend to study in Sweden for more than three months.

The requirements vary depending on your type of studies, so make sure you are informed about the terms for your specific form of studies.


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