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Self employed - Sweden


We can assist you if you are planning to move to Sweden as self-employed

Starting a business of their own is a dream for many people. More immigrants than Swedes start companies when they are unemployed, and today, two out of every five new companies in Sweden was founded bay a person with a foreign background.

There is much to take into consideration if you want to start a company in Sweden. You should take a hard look at everything that is required for the company to succeed.

Contact us and we will help you with your business in Sweden as self employed

We believe that the key to your success as self employed in Sweden is the business plan.
The business plan will illustrate your plans and shows how much knowledge as businessman you have.

Foreigners who wish to apply for self employed need to show to the Swedish Migration Board that you have experience as self-employed, and that you have enough funds to be able to start and run your project in Sweden as self employed.

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You also need to know what permits are required. For example, in Sweden shops need a permit from the fire brigade, cafeterias and groceries need a permit from the environmental and health care authorities, and special permits are required for trading in open-air markets and serving alcoholic beverages.

With us, as your Swedish law firm, beside you, you only need to focus on your business. As a business law and immigration law firm, we expect to be able to give you a safe start and support your progress in Sweden.


We can help you to move as self employed to Sweden

If you would like to discuss your business idea with knowledgeable lawyer, you can get help from our lawyers who specialists in investment and immigration law.


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