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Study in Sweden

Study in Sweden

Study in Sweden

To study in Sweden you need a residence permit for studying. This regards people who are not citizens in any EU-country and who intend to study in Sweden for more than three months.

The requirements vary depending on your type of studies, so make sure you are informed about the terms for your specific form of studies.

The conditions below regards studies at university, university college, upper secondary school and folk school.
1. You must have a valid passport to apply for a residence permit, and it must be valid for the entire period of time you will study in Sweden.
2. The applicant has to be admitted to full-time studies in Sweden
3. Maintenance - you must be able to support yourself during your studies, by a minimum of 8 010 SEK per month (10 months per year)
4. Regarding studies for less than a year you must have a comprehensive health insurance

The application for a residence permit must, in general, be granted before you come to Sweden. Family members can obtain residence permits for the same period of time as for your studies. Note that the requirement for maintenance support also concerns each of your family members.

Doctoral students
If you have been studying at a PhD/doctoral level for a total of four years (within the last seven years) you may submit an application for a permanent residence permit, if you intend to reside in Sweden in the future.

How long is the permit valid for?
The residence permit is valid for the time the studies are set to last. It cannot be valid for a longer time than the time your passport is valid for. So consider renewing your passport before submitting an application.

If you study at university/university college or upper secondary school/folk high school you can submit for an extension of your permit. Remember to do it before the permit expires.

Working during the studies
It is possible to work during studies when you have a residence permit for studies at university or university college. To keep working after you are finished studying, you must apply for a work permit.

Residence permits can be granted for former students who wish to stay in Sweden and search for employment or plan to start up their own business. It is important that you do this ahead of the expiration of your residence permit for studies.

What should I keep in mind?
Note that some countries have specific regulations, especially regarding visa requirements. If you are unsure of the regulations in your home country we at H I Law Firm will help you and provide you with all the information you need.

For more guidance and help with residence permits for studies you are welcome to turn to H I Law Firm.


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