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The temporary law is extended



On June 18, 2019, the government determined that an extension of the law on temporary restrictions on the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Sweden will enter into force on 20 July 2019.

This law differs in some ways from the previous temporary law, which we will tell you in the following.

Sexuality, Homosexuality and Bisexuality in Asylum applications


According to Swedish and international law a person can apply for asylum on the ground that he or she is belonging to a “particular social group”. In the Swedish Aliens act (Utlänningslagen), the sexuality and sexual identity has been written into the law. This article will focus solely on sexuality and the asylum process in these certain cases.

The Free movement directive and the rights of family members


As a citizen of any country in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EU/EEA), you have the right to move freely around the union and stay in any member state for 90 days without any conditions except having a valid EU passport or national identity card. After 90 days, you can still stay if you can show that you are economically active, meaning that you have a right of residence.

Dublin Regulation – In what country can you stay?


The exceptions of the Dublin Regulation
The Dublin Regulation is a law that could easily be read and understood. This is because the criteria set in the Regulation follows a normal order, from article 7 to article 17. However, it is important to understand that the criteria are determined by the circumstances on the day the application for asylum was made in a member state. Meaning that, if you get married after your asylum application was made – the marriage will not be considered as have given you a family relation according to the Dublin Regulation.

Dublin Rregulation – In what country will you be?


The Dublin Regulation is a law of the European Union, which regulates what country is responsible for your application for asylum. This publication is meant to describe how the decision is made at the Swedish Migration Agency and how you can argue against a decision according to the Regulation.



You that are a citizen from a country outside the EU and would like to work in Sweden need a work permit. Such an application needs to be made in the foreigner’s home country and the foreigner can only enter Sweden to work after being granted the permit from the Migration Board.


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