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Residence permit because of a connection to someone in sweden

Residence permit because of a connection to someone in sweden

Residence permit in Sweden

A residence permit allows you to stay in Sweden for a period of time or permanently. A residence permit is not the same as being granted Swedish citizenship. There are multiple ways to be granted a residence permit. This text provides information and advise regarding residence permit because of a connection to someone in Sweden. These regulations applies only if you are a citizen of a country outside of the EU.

Requirements for residence permit in Sweden

Generally, your residence permit must be granted before going to Sweden. Exceptions from this rule are specified below. The person in Sweden you have a relationship to must be a Swedish citizen or have a permanent residence permit.

To be granted a residence permit because of connection to someone in Sweden, the person living in Sweden must be:

1. Your partner
a. Your spouse,
b. A person you have entered a registered partnership with, or
c. Your common law spouse - that requires joint residency for at least two years, outside of Sweden

2. If you are a child
a. Your parent, or

b. Another person you have lived with, in your home country. You and the person must have an emotional and a social relationship beyond the ordinary relationships within a family.

3. Another close relative. It requires your being socially and emotionally interdependent of each other.
4. Your child (under 18 years old and unmarried) if s/he arrived or have been left alone in Sweden without parents or a guardian. This applies only if the child have received status as a refugee or in need of protection.


The relationship-requirement can also be fulfilled if you plan to get married to someone living in Sweden or become common law spouse with them. You are obligated to report to the Swedish Migration Agency if your relationship ends. In this case, the residence permit could be recalled. Under some circumstances, you can be permitted to stay in Sweden after the relationship with that specific person has ended. 

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Maintenance requirement

The person in Sweden must prove that they can support themselves (have an income) and that they have a house that is suited for both her/him and the person joining them.
This is required only under some conditions.

Extending a residence permit in Sweden

If you want to extend your residence permit, it is important that you do that before the permit expires. You can apply for an extension 30 days or less before the expiration date. After the expiration of your residence permit you have to go back to your home country and apply for a new permit from there.

Can I travel and stay outside of Sweden and keep my residence permit?

By bringing your residence permit card, as proof of your having a residence permit, you are able to travel outside of Sweden and come back, regardless of whether your residence permit is permanent or temporary. With a permanent residence permit, you can stay outside of Sweden for a maximum of one year. We advise you to report a longer trip in advance, to the Swedish Migration Agency, so you can stay outside of Sweden for a maximum of two years.

I am already in Sweden, what do I do?

If you are applying for a new residence permit, on the basis of other grounds than the current, you can file it while in Sweden. This, however, regards only some types of permits.

In exceptional cases, you can apply for a residence permit while being in Sweden, without having a permit beforehand. That is, if the Swedish Migration Agency finds that you can stay because of extraordinary reasons. The assessment is made based on whether you have any particular health issues, adaptation into Swedish society and the situation back in your home country. Other aspects can be taken into account as well.

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