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Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for the self-employed program without having the relevant experience?

No, you need relevant experience in order to obtain a residence permit in Sweden through self-employment.

To be able to obtain a self-employment residence permit in Sweden, it is required that you as an investor have experience in owning a company and experience of conducting the specific business that you intend to establish in Sweden. This experience needs to be proven through documentation.

We will make an assessment of your experience and advise you regarding what kind of business you are allowed to establish in Sweden in order to obtain a residence permit as an self-employed person.

Do I need to actually be in Sweden for the first two years to run the newly established business in Sweden?

Yes. The Swedish Migration Agency requires you to be in Sweden full time to run your company. There is no fixed amount of time spent outside of Sweden that will disqualify you from keeping your residence permit, but if you stay outside of Sweden for prolonged periods it may be problematic. Family vacation and other shorter trips are usually allowed.

Can I still run my existing business?

No. You cannot actively run your pre-existing business. This means that you need to put someone in charge of managing any pre-existing business you might have elsewhere in order for you to put your full attention into setting up, managing and developing your new business in Sweden.

What is the minimum and maximum investment required to be self-employed in Sweden?

Unlike many other countries, there are no minimum, or maximum, investment requirement in Sweden to obtain a residence permit through self-employment. However, you will need to invest as much as your business idea requires in regards to the Swedish market in order to start and run your business.

When we know more regarding your business idea and what kind of business you intend to open in Sweden, we will assist you in setting up a budget plan for the intended business and identify the required amount you need to invest.

Self- employment permit - What do you get?

The self-employment residence permit will initially be a temporary permit (TRP) for two years. During this period, your business needs to show good results since this is a type of trial period for you to show that your company can survive in the Swedish market and achieve a good result.

The TRP can then be naturalized to a permanent one (PR) after two years, depending on the financial situation of the company. When you have obtained a PR and a total residency of five years in Sweden you can apply for Swedish citizenship.

How long will the process take, from my application to a positive decision?

When we have submitted the completed application, the processing time at the Migration Agency is about 12 to 18 months.

However, it is important that you know that this timeline may be shorter or longer depending on the Migration Agencies work load at the moment; this is something we unfortunately can not influence.

If the application needs to be amended, this will extend the processing time severely. Since we always ensure that the application is complete before we submit it, the processing time is minimized while using our assistance in this matter.

The great importence of a Business Plan

The requirement to establish a business plan is required for the Migration Agency to be able to assess whether your company and your business idea can work long-term in the Swedish market. Therefore, It is of great importance that the business plan is clear, comprehensive, and correct in all aspects.

By including a well-founded market analysis in your business plan you will show that you are well acquainted with the market in which your business is intending to operate, and that you have the required experience and know-how within the industry.

Do I need the assistance of a lawyer in order to establish my business plan?

If you are going to start a company in Sweden or move an already established company to Sweden, you need to present a complete business plan. This can be an extensive and complicated process, which makes it advantageous to have a lawyer establish it. Our lawyers also make sure that the business plan is in accordance with the regulations and requirements set out by the Swedish Migration Agency and that it is tailor made for the relevant Swedish market.

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