An International Law Firm Specializing in Immigration, Family, and Business Law.

Our Approach

When you call, we ensure you speak to a lawyer for preliminary advice. If we think we can assist you, we will arrange an initial consultation meeting.


In a world where the digitalization has been overwhelming, we put pen to paper to communicate ideas as often as possible.

Immigration Law

We have broad knowledge and extensive experiencein Migration Law. We take your fight against the Swedish Migration Agency and take matters concerning residence permits.

Family Law

Are you in need of a lawyer who knows about Family Law? For example things that depend on custody, visitation, wills or property division? Contact us and we will help you!

Business Law

Secure the business and let a lawyer formulate your agreements. Our business lawyers are responsible for your contract writing so you can devote yourself to your core business.

Rasoul Feizi

Civil Law & Business Law (Iranian Law)

Rasoul works with Iranian law and is the agency's legal expert on Iranian laws and regulations. This makes it easier for our Iranian clients who have cases that overlap between Swedish and Iranian legislation.

Language: Persian
Simon Sadani | Migrationsrätt | Familjerätt | Affärsrätt | H I JURISTBYRÅ | HI Law

Simon Sadani

Office Manager

Simon Sadani has studied at Umeå University and since 2022 is office and finance manager at H I Juristbyrå. Simon is responsible for the administrative and financial work at the agency.

Swedish, English, Persian,.