As your legal representative, we can represent you and drive your case forward in a civil litigation, but also negotiations on conciliation and mediation proceedings outside the framework of a court process. Our starting point is to act actively for preventive purposes.

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How we work:

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Contact one of our business lawyers and tell us about your situation.

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If necessary, the lawyer will recommend an advisory meeting for a closer examination of your case.

Step 3

After presenting a plan to you on how we can proceed with your case, we will start the process after your approval. You will at the same time sign a power of attorney giving the lawyer the right to bring your action.

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In many cases where there is a dispute between two parties, it may be in the interest of both parties to try to reach a solution outside the framework of a court process. This is due to the fact that a lawsuit in court can be lengthy and in many cases even costly.

As an agent for our clients, our ambition is to always review the possibilities of reaching a solution to the dispute in a way that is urgent and financially favorable for the person we represent.

This means that we contact the other party and work actively to reach a solution to the dispute that has arisen. In the event that these measures are not sufficient, we are ready to initiate court proceedings where we safeguard the client’s interests in the best possible way.

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Adam M. Lindström

Migration Law & Business Law

Adam obtained his law degree at Lund University and is today a senior lawyer at H I Juristbyrå. Adam assists you in the matters related to Migration Law, Business Law and also where these areas of law meet.

Language: Swedish and English.