Adoption in Sweden

Are you planning on adopting? Let our lawyers help you with the process following this wonderful decision.

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Begin the process after having received the relevant information about how we will proceed, the fees regarding the case, and more.

There are various reasons why a person wants to adopt, and we are there for you no matter what the reason may be.


0046 8 6840 5555

There are various reasons why a person wishes to adopt, and we are here for you regardless of what that reason may be.

Are you thinking about adoption?

There is a difference between national and international adoption. If you are interested in adopting in Sweden, a decision from the tingsrätt is needed. There are then various procedural rules which must be followed in their entirety.

If, however, you are interested in international adoption, we need to look at the legislation governing this process, depending on the state you wish to adopt from. Do you have questions? Call or write to us to speak to a family lawyer at our firm!

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