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Tell us about your investment plans and let one of our lawyers review your case and your possibilities to get a residence permit. Our lawyer can also suggest necessary changes to your case for it to be in accordance with the requirements of the Migration Agency.

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You don’t have to register your business in Sweden alone.

We can help ensure your business is registered quickly and correctly, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

How to start a business in Sweden?

A residence permit as self-employed is in many ways an attractive alternative since the permit is temporary for only two years before an application for a permanent residence permit can be submitted.

At the same time, a thorough investigation is done by the Migration Agency to see if the investor meets the necessary requirements.

For that reason, it is a good idea to contact one of our business lawyers who can assist both with the business aspects, but also the migration aspects.

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We at H I Juristbyrå call this full support and just as the name suggests, it means that we are ready to help you will all issues that may arise within the framework of your business.

  • With full support, we will not only register an application at the Swedish Migration Agency.
  • We will also register the company at the Tax Agency and, on behalf of you, fins and establish agreements with suppliers as well as find a place for your business.
  • In addition, we can handle the recruitment process for employees while we establish employment agreements and other types of agreements you may need to enter.
  • Confidentiality – the staff working at the Swedish Migration Agency are not allowed to talk to others about who you are and your reasons for applying for asylum.
  • Translation – an interpreter translates for you when you are in contact with the Swedish Migration Agency. Note: the interpreter is neutral and will translate only what is said. If you do not understand the interpreter, it is important that you say so
Call 0046 10 179 69 00

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Adam M. Lindström

Migration Law & Business Law

Adam obtained his law degree at Lund University and is today a senior lawyer at H I Juristbyrå. Adam assists you in the matters related to Migration Law, Business Law and also where these areas of law meet.

Language: Swedish and English.


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