Property Division

It is not an easy choice to decide to go separate ways from your partner, and it is not made easier by having to go through the difficult process of property division when a cohabitation agreement or prenuptial agreement does not exist.

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The most important aspect of a property division, regardless of possible complications or difficulties, is that our client feels that they have our support from start to finish.

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What Is “Property Division”?

If you are married, you can either go through the property division during the marriage, when you separate or if one of you passes away. The general rule is that the couple’s assets are divided equally between them after the reduction of their debts from these assets.

If you are a cohabiting couple (sambos), the property division can be carried out when the relationship has ended, when one of you wants to go through this process. If you own a property together or if it has been acquired for the two of you to reside there together, it together with the household items in it are divided equally between you. This is, of course, completely dependent on whether the two of you have previous agreements or other documents which could affect this general rule. Find out more within “Prenuptial Agreement” if you are married and “Cohabitation Agreement” if you are cohabiting partners (sambos).

There is a time limit for how long a previously cohabiting couple can begin the property division after their separation – one year post-separation.

We can help you with the process of property division, or to assist in applying for an agent appointed by the court to carry this out for you (a bodelningsförrättare) – call us to speak to a family lawyer today!

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