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We think it is as important to prevent conflict and dispute as it is to resolve it. Therefore, a prenuptial agreement is something that we suggest that you as a couple establish when you have decided to take the relationship to the next step.

Prenuptial Agreement – for Your Safety

A prenuptial agreement eases the inevitable processes that follow if you choose to go separate ways, or if one of you passes away – reduce unpredictable events and redundant side effects by signing a prenuptial agreement either before or during the marriage.

When a married couple choose to go their separate ways or when one of them passes away, the starting point is that all their property is divided equally between them (so-called division of marital property). To prevent a conflict arising regarding the division of property and assets, you can draw up a prenuptial agreement and specify what is your private property and therefore remove them from the marital property.

What is important to note are the formal requirements which must be respected within the prenuptial agreement and the specification of what “individual property” entails. It is therefore important to be utterly cautious and detailed when compiling a prenuptial agreement, something that we always guarantee in all the work that we carry out.

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