Custodial Disputes

In the event of a possible separation between a child’s parents, a dispute may sometimes arise as to how the separated parents should share custody of the child.

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The Best Interests of the Child

Our focus is always on the principle of the best interests of the child in all matters concerning children, and this is no exception.

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Custody issues include the custodian’s responsibility and right to decide on, for example, the child’s daily life, the child’s schooling, healthcare issues, etc.

What is the procedure in case of a custodial dispute?

The main rule is that the child feels best when the parents have a well-functioning joint custody of the child. Here, however, it is important to remember that the principle of the best interests of the child is the most important assessment within custody issues and indeed other issues that affect children.

This means that if it is made clear in “familjerätten” or the court that it would not be in the best interests of the child to be in a joint custody, the considerations of sole custody and contact arrangements arise.

Do you have questions? We can assist you either in cooperation matters with the other parent or to turn to “familjerätten” in your district, or take the matter to a court hearing.

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