Expulsions during the coronavirus crisis

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The Coronavirus has had a large effect in the principle of free movement within the EU, but also on the possibilities for foreigners from countries outside the EU to enter the Schengen area. Sweden has, similar to many other countries in the EU, implemented different entry bans for foreign nationals which restricts their possibilities to enter the country.

These restrictions are not unique for Sweden. On the contrary, similar measures have been taken by other countries where exemptions are primarily made for returning citizens. The current situation also has an impact on a foreigner in Sweden that has an active decision for deportation from the Migration Agency which is expected to be implemented. The Migration Agency only works with deportations for a foreigner if the latter cooperates with them. In cases where the foreigner has not cooperated with the Migration Agency for the implementation of an expulsion, the case is transferred to the police. For the cases that concern an expulsion on a voluntary basis, the Migration Agency will continue to work to have them completed. If expulsion is still not possible due to a circumstance beyond the Migration Agency’s control, which can be, for example, the question of transport, then this will affect the Migration Agency’s work and something that they will consider.

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