Are your studies paused due to the Coronavirus?

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Concerning those with a study permit in Sweden:

If you are a student and have had your studies paused due to the Coronavirus, the best source of information is your faculty and the Migration Agency.

This is because the Agency has varying responses based on the individual situation – be as clear as possible when explaining the situation at hand and where possible, ask your faculty if you could continue your courses online rather than have them paused, in order to not risk losing the number of points HP (High School Points) which you need to receive for the semester.

If you are a student who has left Sweden for vacation purposes and are due to the travel restrictions unable to return to Sweden and resume your studies, the Migration Agency has responded generally that they will make an individual assessment based on the situation. However, what they do state is that they need to make sure that the student has completed the purpose of their permit. They state: “you must have completed a number of credits during your last permit, 15 credits in the first academic year, 22.5 credits in the second academic year and 30 credits in the remaining academic year.” If the student is granted an extension for the semester but is unable to return in time for the start of that semester, they may be at risk of losing their study permit. Furthermore, if the student has applied for the extension and then left the country and is unable to return before their studies begin for the semester, the Migration Agency might reject the application for extension since it is no longer a valid application.

Call us or write to us if you have any questions concerning your study permit!

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