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Have you got a job offer in Sweden? Contact us to ensure that the terms of the employment are in line with the Swedish migration agency’s requirement.

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How do you apply for a work permit in Sweden?

Step 1

Contact us if you have been or will be offered a job in Sweden.

Step 2

Our lawyers will inform you of the documents that need to be sent to us to undergo an examination of the intended employment..

Step 3

After we have made a preliminary assessment of the terms of employment and the company’s financial situation, we ask you and the employer to sign a power of attorney so that we can start the process.

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It is important that your terms of employment are under the right conditions – we can help you with the entire work permit process with care and in an efficient manner

How to Apply for a work permit in Sweden

An alien who does not have a permanent residence permit or right of residence and is not a citizen of another Nordic country must apply for a work permit to work in Sweden.

  • According to the main rule, such an application must have been applied for and granted a permit before entry. Exceptions apply to, for instance, if the applicant is entitled to a residence permit as a refugee or other person in need of protection or if the applicant has already received a temporary residence permit and must apply for an extended residence permit of his employment. The basic requirement for starting the process of applying for a work permit is that the applicant must have received an employment offer from an employer in Sweden.
  • The offered employment must be in line with the terms and requirements that follow from Swedish collective agreements or practise in the profession or industry. In addition, the employer must also have full insurance for the employee, which means occupational pension insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and security insurance. Therefore, it is of central importance that such a comprehensive application is thoroughly examined and made in a correct manner. When a work permit is granted, it is valid for two years and only for the specific job applied for.
  • We at H I Law Firm help our clients with the entire work permit process from the beginning until the application has been sent and a certain follow-up of the case after an application has been made. Specifically, our work means that we represent both employees and employers during the process. We initially review relevant data; we also make a preliminary overview of the company’s general financial situation based on the company’s current balance sheet and earnings report. In this way, we can ensure at an early stage of the process whether there are the right conditions for fulfilling the requirements for a work permit and submit a complete and complete application. Good communication with both the client and the employer is the key to a successful process! Below is a description of our work from the first contact to the completed application.
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How does the work permit process work in practice?

Below is a description of the three most important steps during the process and which are interdependent. They are interlinked in that the previous one must be correct to proceed with the next level.

  • Application – After an approved union opinion, we can start the registration process. In this part, we provide personal information about the applicant’s education and previous work experience. If there are co-applying family members, they are also included in the application.
  • The job offer – As a legal representative, we begin applying for a work permit by creating an employment offer where the terms of employment, which have been reviewed by us at an earlier stage, are also submitted to the Swedish Migration Board.
  • The union opinion – Once an employment offer has been created, it must be sent to the relevant trade union, which must submit a union opinion on the employment conditions presented. It is a prerequisite that the union approves the job offer to proceed with the application.
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