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How do you apply for asylum in Sweden?

Step 1

To be able to apply for asylum, you must either be in Sweden or on the border to the country. Once you are in Sweden, you visit the Swedish Migration Agency to register your application.

Step 2

After you have registered your application, you will be called for an initial meeting at the Migration Agency. It is also during this meeting that you will be given the opportunity to choose your public lawyer. You can then choose one of our lawyers.

Step 3

In the event that you have requested one of us as your public lawyer, we will be contacted by the Migration Agency and asked to approve the assignment. We will of course give our approval and after that contact you to start the work.

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What does a public lawyer do?

As your public lawyer, we will support you throughout the asylum process and act according to your interests. Our role becomes particularly important since you as an asylum seeker are not expected to have any knowledge of the Swedish legal system and may find it difficult to clarify your grounds for asylum and refugee status on your own.

For that reason, it is necessary that you have a knowledgeable person to help you with the process.

The role of the public lawyer also includes the task of appealing a decision to the Migration Court and the Migration Court of Appeal. Below is a description of important elements that are part of the public lawyers’ assignment.

01 Review

Before you have your asylum investigation, you will be given the opportunity to meet your public lawyer for preparatory purposes. Our intention is to then listen to your story but also explain to you important parts of the process. In order for you to feel safe during the process, we will also give you detailed information about your rights and obligations as an asylum seeker.

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02 Asylum investigation

The asylum investigation is the most important part of your asylum process. Present at the investigation will be the case officer at the Migration Agency, an interpreter, your public lawyer and you as the asylum seeker. During the asylum investigation, you will be given the opportunity to tell them who you are, where you come from and give a detailed explanation of what you think will happen to you if you have to return to your home country.

It is important to remember that it is you as an asylum seeker that has the burden of proof to show valid asylum reasons and present evidence that support what you are claiming.

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03 Written submission

The case officer at the Migration Agency will write down everything that was said during the asylum investigation on a protocol that will be submitted to your public lawyer. You will then be given the opportunity to meet your public lawyer again where you will go through the protocol and make the necessary adjustments.

As a final step of the asylum process, your public lawyer will send a written submission to the Migration Agency arguing for your right to a residence permit and presenting evidence in support of this.

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The Swedish Migration Agency

The Swedish Migration Agency – is the authority that will examine your application for asylum and decide whether or not you are entitled to asylum in Sweden. You find extensive information about the whole application processes on their website.

About the Migration Agency

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