Cohabitation Agreement

An agreement for your security and comfort, to reduce any possible future conflict.

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Review the written agreement and discuss further with the lawyer where necessary, approve and sign the agreement which comes into effect as soon as both cohabitants have signed it.

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We believe that it is equally important to prevent conflict as it is solving it.

Therefore, a cohabitation agreement is something which we suggest that you as a couple execute when you have decided to take your relationship to the next level.

Cohabitation agreement – for your safety

The law which is relevant here is Sambolagen (2003:376) which partly defines what cohabitation means, partly specifies that the common assets of the cohabitants should be divided equally when the cohabitants separate from each other.

If you however execute an agreement between you, it is that agreement which becomes the deciding factor in case you separate – this creates a safety net and prevents you ending up in unnecessary conflict when it comes to this specific aspect of a possible separation.

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