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On 25 May 2018, the EU’s new data protection regulation (GDPR) came into force and replaced the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL). It is important for H I Juristbyrå AB that you feel safe with how we handle your personal data.

H I Juristbyrå always works to ensure that your personal integrity is respected and processes your personal data in accordance with current national and international personal data legislation. The EU’s data protection regulation specifies the rules that we have to follow when processing your personal data and we will in the following give you information about how H I Juristbyrå processes personal data in accordance with this regulation.

Personal data responsibility

H I Juristbyrå is the personal data controller for the storage and processing of personal data at the agency. The processing of personal data that takes place is based on the basic principles of personal data processing; legality, correctness and transparency, purpose limitation, accuracy, storage and data minimization as well as integrity and confidentiality.

The person in charge of personal data is responsible for ensuring that all personal data processing takes place in accordance with applicable legislation and that the purposes justifying the processing are adequate and correct throughout the processing period.

Processing of personal data

H I Juristbyrå’s website can be visited without any personal data being registered, thus no personal data is stored or processed when visiting alone.

When clients or other interested parties contact H I Juristbyrå, via e-mail, phone call, chat or other comparable contact page, certain information is generally provided that is stored with us to the extent that it is necessary for the processing of the assignment or question.

We also collect the personal data provided to us in connection with advisory meetings, incoming assignments and during ongoing assignments when data is processed.

Since 2017, H I Juristbyrå has taken an active decision not to contact clients or other people via email with advertising or other marketing, with the aim that no one should be contacted without having sought help or information from us.

Personal data processed and stored

People who contact H I Juristbyrå via email, phone, chat or via another comparable contact page provide personal data that enables us to contact the registered person and conduct an advisory meeting. This information is processed to the extent that it is necessary for the request or assignment requested by the person and is stored in cases where the assignment is left to us for further processing.

In the event that the registered person who has contacted us does not submit an assignment to H I Juristbyrå and does not otherwise wish to receive continued service and there is therefore no continuing purpose for the processing of the personal data, we will delete these.

However, exceptions are made for information about name, telephone number and email address as this information is stored in a register for clients who have had counselling meetings even after the implementation of the service in question. This is for the purpose of being able to contact these people in the future and to be able to have the information available in case these people contact us again. In the event that the data subject, who only has these data registered with us and does not have an ongoing assignment with H I Juristbyrå, requests that these data be deleted, we will immediately delete them.

Persons who are registered with us because they have ongoing, upcoming or completed assignments may have personal data that is processed by the agency to a more extensive degree.

We may also supplement the personal data that is necessary for the assignment by collecting information from authorities and other actors.

For what purposes is the personal data processed and stored?

The processing of personal data carried out by H I Juristbyrå is necessary to fulfil the agreements we enter into with the data subject and has been approved by the data subject through consent for the purpose in question. These consents are given partly when registering for an advisory meeting and when initiating contact with us, partly when submitting a power of attorney before an assignment.

The data subject always has the opportunity to object to the stated purpose for the processing of his personal data and in such a case we will go through and ensure whether there is a legitimate purpose for the processing and take measures in relation to the outcome.

Those who can access the personal data

When processing personal data in connection with assignments from clients, the starting point is that only employees at H I Juristbyrå can access the personal data. Exceptions to this point of departure occur in cases where the assignment requires that the personal data be shared with the responsible authority or third party in order to complete the assignment, the legal basis for the processing in such a case is because it is necessary for the purpose of the processing of the personal data.

In cases where the personal data is shared with an authority or other third party, the data subject will receive information about this in advance and can in connection with this object in case he does not want the data to be shared with the relevant third party. In the event that the assignment cannot be completed as a result of such an objection, H I Juristbyrå reserves the right to retain the fee and, in connection with this, cancel the assignment.

Period during which the personal data will be stored

H I Juristbyrå only stores personal data to the extent that they are necessary with regard to the purpose for processing the data, as storage minimization is constantly observed, this provided that the data no longer has to be saved by law.

The personal data stored by us that may be processed before, during and in some cases after an assignment is handled to the extent that these are necessary for the purpose as well as any future assignments that can be expected in direct connection to the assignment in question.

Your rights as registered with H I Juristbyrå

H I Juristbyrå AB, org. no. 559005-2600, address Carl Akrells gata 4, 11551, Stockholm, is the data controller for the processing and storage of your personal data and is responsible for these being processed adequately in accordance with applicable legislation.

All persons who are registered with us have the right, to the extent that these are not covered by confidentiality, to receive information about which information is registered with us and to request the correction or deletion of personal data that is no longer necessary for the purpose for which they previously have been processed. Furthermore, persons who are registered with us have the right to object to certain processing of the data and request that the processing be terminated or limited.

The persons who are registered with us also have the right to obtain the personal data that is registered with us, with restrictions on possible confidentiality, in order to be able to transfer this to another personal data controller.

All people who work at H I Juristbyrå have a duty of confidentiality and no personal data that is stored with us will be released to third parties without the consent of the data subject.

If you have questions or complaints about H I Juristbyrå’s processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us by email or by phone on (+46) 08 6840 5555.

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