How Much Investment is Required to Start Business in Sweden?

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Sweden is an excellent location to invest and build your business in, with a stable economic and social climate. In order to use the lucrative advantages that Sweden provides, you need a strong business plan that will help generate returns, which is essential in obtaining a residence permit in Sweden through self-employment. The investment process is only one part of the business plan that contains many steps and requirements that need to be met.

Self employed and funds of investment

When investing in Sweden, it is essential that you show sufficient funds to support you and your family for the first two years. For you as an investor and main applicant, the equivalent amount is SEK 200 000, for accompanying wife/husband SEK 100 000 and another SEK 50 000 for each accompanying child. Note that these amounts are funds you need to show to support yourself personally and are not connected to the intended investment plan of your company in Sweden.

How much investment is required

The Swedish Migration Agency has not set any pre-determined amount of investment funds needed to obtain a residence in Sweden through self-employment. This means that the funds you will have to show will depend on your investment plan and the total costs of buying/establishing your company in Sweden, whereas the size of the investment will depend on a number of factors such as personnel costs and rent of premises. As an investor, you need to cover the expenses and investments you have taken into account to run your business. The Swedish Migration Agency will assess the economic basis in your business plan. Therefore, it is of importance that you present plausible supporting documentation of your budget.

Our lawyers at H I Law Firm have extensive experience from representing international investors in their plan to establish a successful business in Sweden. We can assist you through the whole process on your way from a business concept to a business in reality in Sweden.

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