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Sometimes things do not go as we have planned, and preventing unforeseen events is something we absolutely stand for and can help with.

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Get in contact with us in the way that is easiest for you to speak to a family lawyer.


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Book a meeting with the lawyer if that feels alright for you. Discuss with them concerning the way you are thinking of dividing assets and how you would like to execute the last will and testament.

Step 3

Review the document and discuss further with the lawyer where necessary, approve and sign the will with witnesses present.

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It is very important to avoid misunderstandings about what automatically happens when we pass away and what we ourselves actively choose to happen.

Are you thinking about executing a will?

We help you draw up a will according to your wishes, while keeping things in accordance with applicable law.

For instance, it is important to remember that the will which is drawn up should not be in conflict with the “legal lot” or laglott according to Swedish legislation, i.e. the right of inheritance which cannot be “contracted” away in a legal clause.

If you are married, you can either write a joint will or an individual will. If you have children with another person who is not your current partner, you must keep in mind that in the event that the parent passes away, that child can take out his or her inheritance before the parent’s partner also passes away, unlike when you have joint children.

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