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Sweden is a great place to reside, with friendly people, first-rate public services, and a business environment that encourages people to establish a good work-life balance. It’s no wonder that a lot of people go to Scandinavia’s largest county to enjoy its high standards of living.

However, there are certain valuable factors for being an immigrant in Sweden that you need to know:

Residence in Sweden

Sweden has its own set of immigration laws. Immigration in Sweden is governed by the Aliens Act, which controls refuge, residency permits, and reunions.

EU and EEA residents can work, study, and live without a residence permit in Sweden because the country is a member of the European Union. While living in Sweden with a right of residence for at least five years, they are granted permanent residency.

In order to live in Sweden, the other members require a residency visa. As a result, registering for a residence permit online is the fastest and most accessible solution for this purpose. The Swedish Migration Agency collects the online application. However, in big cities, the wait for a first-hand apartment contract may be long, with reports of people waiting in housing lines for nearly a decade to ultimately get a first-hand contract flat.

High Living Cost and Lifestyle Standard

Sweden is, undoubtedly, one of the most expensive countries, yet you can still create a decent life there if you reside there.  You work and pay taxes, but you definitely benefit from the government’s welfare schemes, that include unemployment compensation, medical insurance, equal access to public healthcare, welfare benefits for children, special consideration to care for a sick child, a living allowance, and a variety of other advantages. If you have only worked for the past six months, you are eligible for unemployment compensation.

Sweden also offers the programs that enable you to get a stipend in order to increase your employability.

Learning Swedish is Important

The majority of Swedes are confident in their ability to communicate in English. Since the entire country is in Swedish, you will have to learn basic Swedish language if you are moving to Sweden. If you are seeking for job, it may be difficult to find something that will not require you to speak Swedish. However, in the IT industry, the majority of job openings do not require Swedish.

Friendships Are Not Easy

Sweden is unquestionably one of the most challenging countries in which to build friendships, with towns like Stockholm scoring extremely low in terms of friendliness. There are, however, a variety of options. Because the Swedes understand how difficult it is to meet new friends, they often establish groups and sports teams where you can do so. Literature groups and chess clubs are two examples of groups where you could meet new individuals who share common interests.

Work Permit Requirement:

A work permit is a Swedish Migration Agency decision that allows a foreign individual to work in Sweden. You will need a work permit before entering Sweden.

Citizens of the Nordic countries, the EU/EEA, and Switzerland, and also their family members, are not required to apply. People who have lived in some other EU country for five years are also excluded from the requirement of applying for a work visa. People who work for themselves do not require a work permit, but they do require a residency permit.

Adoption in Sweden

Adoptive families and adoptees are visible members of society in Sweden, where inter-country adoptions have a long history.

You can also adopt a child despite being an immigrant. The most important rule for adopting a child from another nation is that it must be done through a licensed adoption agency.

Without the consent of a Swedish citizen, a child living outside of Sweden may not be adopted. Only those who are considered suitable for adoption by the social welfare commission are granted permission. You may be fined if you bring a child to Sweden without first getting parents’ permission.

The conditions for adoption in Sweden are usually investigated and resolved while taking into account the Swedish district court judgement.

Final Thoughts

Sweden is a very appealing place to migrate to. With free healthcare, education, excellent food from all over the world, and archipelagos, it’s a sight to behold. You should familiarise yourself with Swedish immigration laws before relocating to Sweden. However, the advantages of a slower, more peaceful style of living are countered by the need to deal with often difficult living conditions.

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