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Fast track work permit Sweden | HI LAw Firm

You that are a citizen from a country outside the EU and would like to work in Sweden need a work permit. Such an application needs to be made in the foreigner’s home country and the foreigner can only enter Sweden to work after being granted the permit from the Migration Board.

The processing time for
such an application takes time and may in the worst case be longer than one year before receiving a final decision from the Migration Agency.

We at H I Juristbyrå, on the other hand, are certified by the Swedish Migration Board. Such certification allows us to speed up our clients’ issues so that a decision is made faster. By acting as a legal representative for the labor migrant and his employer, we will submit an application the Migration Board and expect a decision within ten working days if it is the first time the foreigner applies, and within 20 working days if it is an application to extend a current work permit.

Family members of the foreigner will also be included in the certification if they apply at the same time. The certification also includes the application of a former student who had a residence permit in Sweden and is now applying for a work permit.

In order for us at H I Juristbyrå to help an employer get a faster decision we need to register his company as a sub-company to us. In order for such A registration to be granted by the Swedish Migration Board, the employer needs to:

  • Be registered as an employer
  • Have a financial situation stable enough to be able to hire a new employee
  • Have a demand for the coming year to recruit work labor outside the EU Accept that the application will be made online
  • Offer correct employment conditions
  • Previously recruited someone outside the EU

When we submit an application to sub-register the employer’s company, we will get a decision within 1-2 weeks. After this we can begin the application for the foreigner that intends to work in Sweden. When we at H I Juristbyrå work with your application we also take responsibility for the application being complete, as this is a prerequisite for receiving a decision faster.

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