The Complete Process To Get A Business Visa For Sweden

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Sweden is a well-developed Scandinavian country with a population of more than 10 million people. Sweden has chosen to preserve its currency, the Swedish krona while being a member of the EU (SEK). Sweden has a vibrant economy and a friendly business environment. This, coupled with the fact that practically everyone speaks English and has a great deal of money, makes it the ideal investment opportunity.

A residency visa is required if you plan to work in Sweden for more than three months and start and run your firm or become a part-owner of a business. Before travelling to Sweden, you would have secured a business visa. A business visa for Sweden, commonly known as the Schengen visa, permits you to visit Sweden for tourism, activities, or to see friends and relatives. You can travel to all 26 Schengen countries with a single Sweden Schengen visa.

You can register for a Business Visa with the Swedish embassy under the following circumstances:

  •       If you are going to spend most of your time in Sweden.
  •       If you’re spending the same amount of time in Sweden as you are in other Schengen countries, yet Sweden is your entry point.

Required Documents

  •       The original passport possesses at least two blank pages and at least six months of validity.
  •       Properly filled out and signed an application for the visa.
  •       Two recent passport-size coloured photos with a matte or semi-matte quality, 80% facial coverage, white backdrop, and no border, size: 35mm x 45mm.
  •       Personal cover letter with the complete travel route.
  •       Original up-to-date bank statements with bank verification for the previous three months.
  •       Income Tax Returns or Form 16 over the last three years.
  •       Invitation letter from the host company describing the objective of the trip, as well as business information.
  •       Confirmed Flight Tickets.
  •       Reservations for the hotels.
  •       Travel Insurance.

Aside from the documents listed above, your profile may require the provision of other documents.

The Process of Applying For Business Visa For Sweden

The application for a business visa has been assigned by the Swedish Embassy to the Sweden VACs (Visa Application Center). Therefore, you will need to go there for submitting your application. Yet, you may complete the application offline. Before submitting your application, ensure that you’re eligible for the business visa. Following that, you may proceed with the application in the following manner:

  1.       Obtain all of the paperwork included within the business visa document checklist.
  2.       Download the Schengen application form from the VAC’s website or the Swedish Embassy’s website.
  3.       Fill and print the application form completely and precisely. Make it clear that your travel is business-related.
  4.       Make an appointment with the VAC or the Embassy. But, keep in mind that the embassy only has a certain number of seats available, so it will take longer. As a result, applying through one of the VACs is highly recommended.
  5.       Bring the required documents, the filled application form, and the fees to the appropriate VAC or Embassy. At this point, you will also need to provide your biometrics.

Remember that if you have already submitted your biometrics for a Visa application during the last five years, you will not be required to do that again. You may submit your application through a third person in this case, as long as they have an authorization letter approved by you.

Also, keep in mind that you must submit only legitimate documents and accurate information. The use of fake documents or incorrect information might result in visa cancellation.

Your business visa application will be sent to the Swedish Embassy for processing after being submitted to one of the VACs. You can pick up your passport in person at the VAC or have it delivered to you for an additional charge if your visa is accepted.

The Way Forward

Due to a distinctive combination of technical and exporting investments, Sweden has established itself as one of the best areas to start a business. This, coupled with the country’s communist political system’s stability, has motivated various companies to do their investment in Sweden and grow their business.

If you are also looking for a great place to expand your business, then you should also apply for the Swedish Business Visa as Sweden will be a great choice for you.

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